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The majority of medical uniforms are manufactured using blends of two or several types of fibers. The most common combination is a blend of cotton and polyester. The composition of individual components may vary. In this pairing, polyester complements cotton excellently. It makes the material highly comfortable, and uniforms made from it are worn very well. One of the most frequent solutions that ensures the durability of medical attire is the combination of cotton with polyester. Cotton, due to its hygroscopic properties, absorbs moisture effectively, making the trousers suitable for wear even during warmer days. The addition of polyester prevents the material from wrinkling, and the trousers won’t shrink during washing. The work of doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists is very demanding and stressful. Therefore, their clothing must be highly comfortable and prepared for extended shifts. The fabrics used to create medical uniforms are durable, specialized, and of high quality. The most crucial factor is

Material for Medical Clothing

Everyone expects purchased clothing to serve them for as long as possible while maintaining their properties throughout. The scrubs we offer are characterized by high quality and durability. Additionally, they are easy to care for, retaining their vibrant colors and shape even after washing. The materials used in the aprons are soft and flexible, requiring no ironing.

Medesign medical clothing includes fabrics such as spandex (a lightweight, flexible synthetic fiber known for its durability and tear resistance; materials made from it are resistant to shrinking, stretching, and abrasion), medical cotton (adapts to the body and allows free airflow), and nylon (known for its softness, absorbency, and stretch resistance).

Comfortable, flexible, and breathable fabric. It drapes well on the body and doesn’t restrict movement. The material dries quickly and is easy to iron.

Both women and men will find medical clothing in our offer that meets the expectations of even the most demanding customer.

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