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Washing Medical Clothing

Appropriately chosen medical clothing is more than just work attire. If you’ve already looked around our store, you know that at Medesign, we prioritize colors, stylish designs, comfort, and finding joy in work. Medical clothing can be an excellent way to complement a company’s image. Every staff member should take care of the cleanliness and impeccable appearance of the clothing they wear when attending to patients.

Before the first use, you can launder the scrubs in a washing machine with cold water and add ½ cup of vinegar to set the color and prevent fading. This additional measure makes sense, especially for medical attire, as it undergoes frequent washing and comes into contact with disinfectants. To ensure that the purchased medical clothing lasts for a long time, it’s necessary to apply appropriate care procedures, which naturally includes proper laundering of medical garments.


In lower temperatures. This way, you’ll avoid damaging the clothes by washing them at 90 degrees, while achieving the same pathogen-removing effectiveness at 60 or even 40 degrees Celsius! Manufacturers are obligated to provide information about washing and ironing methods for garments. You can find all of these on the label, and it’s worth familiarizing yourself with the meaning of these symbols to ensure that a shirt you wash at 95 degrees Celsius doesn’t end up fit only for disposal. The same applies to drying and ironing methods; improperly chosen parameters can permanently damage the fabric. Also, remember not to wash white clothes with colored ones. Be sure to empty pockets and remove any loose items: pins, coins, etc. Don’t launder work clothes with everyday ones to limit the transfer of germs. Zip up all zippers and fasten all Velcro, and turn colorful clothes inside out. Exceptionally delicate fabrics should be placed in a special protective mesh. Once the uniform is prepared this way, it can be placed in the washing machine. Remember to use only detergents approved for the specific fabric type. Not all materials tolerate detergents with chlorine or hydrogen peroxide additives well. The best natural bacteria killer is sunlight, and the best scent and drying accelerator is wind. Therefore, if possible, we recommend drying clothes outdoors.


After drying medical clothing, it should be ironed. This isn’t solely about removing wrinkles that occur during washing, but about thorough disinfection. High temperatures kill most germs, which is why it’s recommended to iron medical garments at around 150°C.

Medesign medical clothing, when laundered and stored under good conditions, will serve for many seasons of use. If you value the longevity of your clothes, as well as your own comfort and health, we recommend following the above guidelines.

Say No to Stains.

Additionally, we present the most common stains on medical clothing and effective methods to remove them.


Another crucial aspect of medical clothing care is its proper storage. Medical blouses, pants, and shirts can be stored when folded. It’s best to allocate a separate shelf for work attire and not mix it with everyday clothes.

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