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“Be Like Barbie”

It seems that the Barbiecore aesthetic might stay with us for a while, thanks to Greta Gerwig and her latest movie, “Barbie.” The Barbie doll has been a style icon since the 1950s, with pink being her favorite color.

Of course, the pink color is not limited to the Barbie character alone. Pink is a color widely used in various contexts, symbolizing diverse things depending on the context.

Pink – a color for girls? Not only!

At first glance, pink is often associated with an infantile color – reserved solely for children. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Medical Clothing in Pink Color

The pink color can be chosen in medical apparel due to its positive and calming aesthetics. Pink can assist in creating a friendlier and more relaxed atmosphere, both for patients and healthcare workers or beauty clinics. Should we be afraid of pink? Of course not!

Fashionable medical attire in pink color can encompass various wardrobe elements that combine comfort and functionality with an appealing appearance. The pink color can add lightness and energy to standard medical clothing, such as blouses.

Light, pink tunics or short-sleeved blouses can be ideal for warmer days in the medical environment. Break the patterns.

A medical uniform in today’s time no longer has to be associated with whiteness and monotony. At Medesign, you can purchase the Medical Blouse – SICILIA – Kwiatuszki. It stands out with comfortable, flexible, and breathable fabric. It fits well on the body and does not restrict movement. The material is quick-drying and easy to iron. The blouse has double inner pockets dedicated for a smartphone, pen, and keys, preventing items from shifting.

You can also buy pink trousers to complement the blouse, which feature two front and two back pockets, as well as a side pocket.

For women who prefer a more intense pink, we offer the scrubs model – VENEZIA – Piwonie. The blouse is in a vibrant pink, and the pockets with floral motifs add a touch of femininity, allowing you to feel not only comfortable but also elegant. The trousers have two front pockets and a straight, rolled-up leg with a graphic. Neat medical attire in attractive colors will help you build a professional image in the eyes of patients.


Medesign medical clothing incorporates fabrics such as spandex. Spandex is a lightweight, elastic synthetic fiber known for its durability and tear resistance. It provides comfortable, flexible, and breathable fabric. It drapes excellently on the body without restricting movements. The material dries quickly and is easy to iron.


Delicacy: Pink is often associated with delicacy, subtlety, and gentleness. It can evoke feelings of pleasure and comfort. Every woman looks great in the color pink.

Women’s Medical Trousers at Medesign are equipped with conveniently placed pockets, so you don’t have to worry about personal items such as keys, phone, or wallet during work. We have also taken care of offering various sizes – you will find trousers for every silhouette with us!

As you can see, the color pink is not reserved just for Barbie! Every woman looks good in pink. The motto that the Barbie brand follows is “You can be anything.” Thanks to the numerous models of Medesign scrubs, you can choose the right style and color you like.

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